A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Something calls from the depths of your worst nightmares. It singes your mind as you are beckoned from between the voids. 

You have seen it before but only in short, terror-inducing glimpses. You must go there, lest you become mad from endless nights of horrible stygian nightmares.

Created for the Shenanijam2018 game jam


  • Void Sandwich - You are literally sandwiched between two voids
  • Sticky Justice - You are equipped with the stickiest of ectoplasmic tentacles


  • Mozart - All audio was composed by yours truly
  • One Punch Man - The only button your need for this game is your left mouse button
  • Maverick - I'm a one-man squad


Snightmare 18 MB
Snightmare_x64 15 MB
Snightmare_x86 13 MB

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